Family Fun Day

Slacklining Basics

Check out the Slacklining Basics video below.

Slacklining is the art of balancing on a narrow 2 inch strip of webbing typically connected between two fixed objects like trees. Slack lining was conceived in the rock climbing community where climbers used it for balance training and now it's gone mainstream.

The "slack" in a slackline, as compared to the taught steel cable of a "tight" rope, gives slacklines the opportunity to bounce and perform extreme tricks. Early slackliners also found that the activity improved their core strength, balance and movement for climbing - and most of all, it was FUN.

We use Gibbon Slacklines because they are the industry leader for reliability and safety. The 2" webbing and ratchet tensioning design make the Gibbon line friendlier to walk on and easier to set up. No additional tools or rigging are needed; just the kit and a couple of trees and we're ready to go.